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My Turn: Playing by the rules with public records

I'm not a big fan of stories about people's salaries. I've let the folks in our newsroom know that more than once. Even if the person is paid by taxpayers, it seems to me that some things are personal and need not be shared with friends and neighbors.

However, I also believe in obeying the law. So I understand that these things are public record and our newsroom will report on them from time to time.

Recently the director for charter schools in North Carolina advised the local schools that they were subject to releasing their salaries along the same lines as public schools. Our team wanted to see how the charter schools paid compared to public schools and they asked each of our local charters to provide that information.

All of them did except for one management company, Roger Bacon Academy, which operates three charter schools in our area. Their spokesperson keeps telling us they're working on it. But it's been weeks.

The problem here is their leader, Baker Mitchell. He plays a powerful role in state politics and is sitting on an advisory board that helps decide future charter schools.

Well, that's another problem I have, leaders who don't lead or abide by the rules. Mr. Mitchell needs to stop stonewalling the process and provide the public with the information we are entitled to.

That's my turn. Now it's your turn. To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at

Emailed comments from viewers:

Stone walling. Put heat on him


Isn't sitting on a board deciding when and where charters should be established a conflict of interest for the owner of our local charters?


No one, not even public servants wants the public to know how much money they make. I think it is wrong for our government/local news crews to  follow up on this info.  If you think it is so advised, then I think the public should know how much you pay your own…the anchors who "preach the news to us all"…knowing so many times their stories have become misleading because the media are so ready to jump to the fastest conclusion!!!  I think our public teacher's salaries should not be a matter of public info.  Yes they r paid by us tax paying citizens, but none the less, this is a personal issue between the individual teacher and their superiors, NOT THE PUBLIC.  WHO R U…TO try to have these people's personal info posted publically…NONE OF OUR TEACHERS DESERVE THIS…this is their personal info and they are TEACHING OUR OWN SO THAT OUR CHILDREN WILL BE READY FOR THE FUTURE IN FRONT OF THEM!!! I think if you want to know their financial info so bad, then preform their job for your own kid, and home school them, then let the public DEMAND TO KNOW ALL OF YOUR FINANCIALS AND POST IT TO THE PUBLIC!!!! I think this is ridiculous, who cares what they make, and trust me….OUR TEACHERS DESERVE SO MUCH MORE TO PUT UP WITH SO MANY SPOILED BRATS AS THEY DO…DUE TO THE PARENTS…LEAVE OUR TEACHERS ALONE…IF U WANT TO KNOW WHAT THEY MAKE,,,THEN MAKE PUBLIC WHAT ALL OF YOU MAKE!!!!  IF UR NOT WILLING, THEN BACK OFF

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