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My Turn: Five terrorists in exchange for one person

I will never have to make a decision of such significance as the one President Obama made when deciding to release five prisoners at Guantanamo in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, missing from action since 2009. I will never have to make a decision of such significance as the one President Obama made when deciding to release five prisoners at Guantanamo in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, missing from action since 2009.

As the general manager of this WECT, I make a lot of decisions. But I will never have to make a decision of such significance as the one President Obama made when deciding to release five prisoners at Guantanamo in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, missing from action since 2009.

People are weighing in on all sides about this one.

  • Some consider Bergdahl a deserter because of the circumstances in which he left his base.

  • Some say this was America showing that we leave no one behind.

  • Some question even the thought of negotiating with terrorists.

These are all valid and should be debated among us all in the coming days.

But the thing that bugs me most, all other circumstances aside, is trying to understand the logic of releasing five known terrorists, who admittedly want to kill Americans, in exchange for one person.

One for one...okay. Two for one… maybe. Three or more…forget it.

No wonder the Taliban is calling this a victory. Because they were successful at making America look foolish.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

Sir, you are dead wrong on this one.  You sound as if you are merely parroting the fox network drones.  It really would be beneficial for you and your viewers to educate yourself regarding military protocol, government, national and international POW conventions, particularly the US Government's responsibility toward POWs, currently and historically.  Instead of fox pundits, listen to our generals and our admirals explain why this was the right move at the right time.  Learn more about who the 5 Taliban enemy combatants are --- they were not classified as terrorists, as some at Gitmo are...As we end our long conflict in Afghanistan, it is in the highest US military tradition to rescue our captive soldiers --- no matter what kind of soldier he/she might be.....As one Rear Admiral said, when a man goes overboard, the ship goes back to rescue him/her, we don't know if he was pushed or if he jumped, we go back.  General Dempsey et al have said the conduct of this POW is NOT as issue.  Further, as we leave Afghanistan, it is customary --- international law --- to release our captives, i.e., those 5 we traded......they'd likely soon be released anyway.  They've never been charged with anything, are not classified as terrorists and are actually a part of the potential future reconciliation between the US and Afghanistan. By the way, conventional wisdom is that the very existence of Gitmo has been quite an effective recruiting tool for terrorists around the world.  In addition, know that even Israelis "negotiate with terrorists" and have been known to swap a1000 terrorists for one Israeli soldier.  Know that we negotiated with intermediaries, Quataris, increasing the strength of our relationship with this important presence in the area........Bergdahl may not be a hero, may indeed be a criminal, but that is not yet known, nor is it confirmed that any other soldier was wounded or died trying to find/rescue him.  He would not be the first US POW rescued and brought home to face charges, if that is what happens next.  Finally, the current administration and the military leaders know much that you and I are not privy to, thus it is a futile exercise to second guess after a certain point.  Not to mention they would've been crucified if this soldier had died while in captivity.  It is positively un-American to repeat what is being said on fox network today --- it plays into the hands of those who really would like to kill Americans and serves to divide our citizens.


The new Senate budget allocates teachers a raise , but with strings attached such as loss of tenure and longevity payments.  Did you also know they are cutting 10,000 positions to fund the raises.  We as educators are not in support of a raise that throws our fellow workers under the bus, or by use of blackmail


I would like to respond to your comment about the recent release of Bowe Bergdale. You disagree with the 5 to 1 exchange because we released 5 terriorist that could rejoin to fight America.

I would like to respond by saying that is a good question.

First, let me ask why a country like America can't try these men for their crimes? Are they terrorist tried and convicted or do they know secrets we don't want exposed. That's a good question?

Why did't we send them back to their respective countries for trail? That' a good question.

Is America violating their human rights? That's a good question.

If I take the conservative view, I would have tried these men and killed them a long time ago. No value then.

Would we have the same outcry if we traded them for Snowden? That's a good question.

Why are we accusing Bowe before he has a right to respond? After 5 years, the Military should know if he deserted or not. That's a good question.

Now we trade these 5 terrorist or hostile combatants (no trail or proof and very embarrassing to the USA) for one lone American POW soldier. That's a good trade….


In my opinion this is just one more reason why we need to rid the White House of this president, he is doing everything he can to destroy our country.

I do not know if this is true or not but I heard that the farther of the soldier is a Muslin and who told his son not to fear his captors as they were his friends.


You hit the nail on the head tonight!

There is no excuse for letting five terrorists free for an American who deserted his post! What is Obama thinking???

 Love your turn! Keep them coming!


Well, bless your heart!   I totally agree with you this evening about the so-called "prisoner exchange."  This (p)resident of the people's White House has done it again....totally giving in and over to the Taliban regime.  Like you, I would go 1 for 1; however, NOT the one's that he handed back over to those that are totally and completely dedicated to taking over America, her freedom, and her citizen's.

I cannot for the life of me understand why Congress allows this dictator to continue to turn his nose up (literally) at the Constitution of the United States.  Obama has turned this country upside down .... people wanted "change", well "change" is what they got.

I would like to see you dig a little into the controversial July 1, 2014 monetary tax that has been implicated that places every American's savings into an additional 30% taxation.

Thank you for allowing us to get things off our chest.   Although the majority never reach others ... we appreciate the opportunity.  (p)resident Obama has created a division within the citizenship of America that will take generations to overcome, if then.  His blatant disregard for our military is obvious.

Obama says "we'll never leave one of our own behind."   So, what does he do?  He trades 5 known, highest level terrorists, for 1 known defector, all the while, leaving yet another Marine "behind" down in Mexico.   Like Afghan, he hands billions of dollars over to the Mexican government, and turns his back on our Marine.  He is a shame to the human race.

Again, thank you, sir.   You are appreciated!


Gary, I was afraid to hear what you were going to say about Mr Obama exchanging 5 terrorists for one American who may well be a deserter.  Then, thank goodness I heard your commentary! You did not agree with the decision that was made, neither did I...and neither did most Americans who have weighed in on the subject.  Add to the tragedy the six American heroes who died trying to find and rescue Bowe Bergdahl and it s obvious why the terrorists think we are fools.


This was a totally illegal action and if I ever felt there was a reason for impeaching a President.  This is it.


Thank you for not being afraid to say what was done was wrong and releasing five known terrorist.  I am the mother of a soldier is getting ready to deploy and although I believe in no one left behind, I believe we have a right to know the circumstances behind the soldier that left his post. What if this man was turned by the Taliban and now not only do we let go five but we brought that one and we're not sure exactly where he stands. The president needs a good swift kick in the butt.


What inside knowledge or credentials qualify your puny mind to spread your opinion to a wide audience?


I do not think this had anything to do with loyalty to a soldier. I think this was a case Of President Obama looking for something to make him look good. As usual he is wrong and as usual He ignored the law to do what he wanted.. This did not take attention from Benghazi Or the VA scandal. I think the Soldier should be arrested until the allegations that he deserted are investigated . After his father comments as well as his actions this should be a through investigation.


When are we ever going to learn.  This decision was made by President Obama without one sign off needed.  There we soldiers killed because of this deserter.  Yet we make a trade to have him back and I'm sure he'll get a hero's welcome.  He put many people in harm's way.  Please don't treat him like a hero.  The real heros are the people living and surviving every day in all parts of the world defending peoples freedoms.    


Would you feel that same way if that young man were your son?  That is my thought as a mother of two young adults.  We value life in America.  Each & every American life is precious to us.


Another conservative wanting to do everything in their power to blast a President who inherited two wars and a economy which was in a free fall.  I have a better idea, why don't we sent those conservatives in congress over in exchange, that would probably be more productive.


Everyone is entiltle to there own opinion but I promise if this was your son you'd agree with the exchange: have mercy and compassion upon the family of this American hero yes HERO: he survived under presssure that you wouldn't have last 1 day put yourself in his shoe: I agree leave no solider behind!


I couldn't agree with you more and it's just one more thing that Obama is doing to destroy our country and our "Congress" isn't doing a damn thing to stop him, God help us.


So you don't agree with 5 terrorist being released for the freedom of one solider? Ok then, how about you offer them your child for the terrorist to go back into custody. That solider is someone's husband, son, father, brother. Everything in life is not simple or black and white. It's not a common mathematical ratio. It's the life of a human being and I respect our country for making that difficult decision.

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