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WPD continues push to get officers into neighborhoods with new program

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Officers patrol Wilmington streets on foot. Officers patrol Wilmington streets on foot.

In order to crack down on crime, more Wilmington Police Officers are getting out of their cars and onto the street. In a new program called "Show Me Your Beat" patrol officers are taking their captain, deputy chief and even Chief of Police into the neighborhoods they patrol every day.

"We want the whole department to be wholly engaged in what happens in the community," said Deputy Chief Marshall Williamson. "Whatever part each of us play it works towards the bigger goals."

He said by going out into neighborhoods with patrol officers they are able to see first-hand what is happening in communities and where they should assign officers and at what time.

"It helps us in our deployment of personal our assets, the department assets we should place in specific areas, what plan of action we need to address for specific related community problems," Williamson said.

He also said they are able to make sure that patrol officers really are getting to know neighbors, and not just sitting in their patrol cars.

"It lets us know number one that our officers are engaged [in the community]," he said.

Officer Brandon Chisholm said he's noticed what a difference it makes to be out in the community talking to people.

"If people have an issue and they see me out they can call me over to the porch," Chisholm said. He said people are more likely to share their concerns or offer tips if he is walking around. "It's a more approachable way to patrol," he said.

Williamson said that's the goal, to create an even better relationship and trust between neighbors and the community.

"Trust certainly does help because people are more apt to contact us and provide info of what they see and here in their communities before crimes even happen," he said.

Chisholm said he doesn't just get to know the people, but also the area.

"Having our boots on the ground we can see areas behind homes that we would just generally drive by," Chisholm said. "You get to know the area that much better, just by walking."

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