Hurricane climatology

Hurricane climatology

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Atlantic hurricane season runs from June to November and, within that span, average hurricane activity tends to follow a "bell curve" shape:

- The least active months for hurricanes are on the edges of the season – June and November.

- The most active months for hurricanes are in the middle – August and September – when ocean waters tend to be warmest and upper-atmosphere winds tend to be lightest.

North Carolina's peak hurricane landfall season is also August and September.

Though North Carolina hurricane landfalls are extremely rare in the fringe months of June and November, tropical storms and remnant tropical systems are relatively frequent visitors during these times (cases in point: Tropical Storm Andrea tracked through the Coastal Carolinas in June of 2013 and the remnants of Hurricane Ida brought nor'easter conditions to the area in November of 2009).

Southeastern North Carolinians are urged to stay vigilant and prepared through the entire hurricane season!

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