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Bladen County students in class on Memorial Day


Not every school district in southeastern North Carolina is out for the Memorial Day holiday.

Bladen County is open for students and staff today.

The school district responded to parent inquiries on its Facebook page with the following explainer about the school calendar.

We have received some questions regarding students and staff not being out of school Memorial Day, Monday, May 26. 

NC General Statue 115C-84.2 mandates the calendar law for school systems, with local flexibility given when choosing annual leave days and holiday days for students and personnel. Veteran's Day is the only required holiday for school personnel and students. However, many other holidays such as Easter, Martin Luther King, Christmas, etc are given by local decision as holiday days. 

School districts are required to have 11 days during the school year designated as holiday days. Each year, a committee of school administrators, teachers, and district office staff collaboratively plan and prepare the upcoming school year's calendar. 

Since the 2008-09 school year, Bladen County Schools chose Memorial Day three times (09-10 SY, 10-11 SY, 11-12 SY) as one of its 11 required holiday days. In the 2014-15 school year, Memorial Day was chosen as one of the district's 11 required holiday days. Keep in mind though that choosing one holiday day can effect how other holiday days are chosen. For example, whether Thanksgiving break is given as two days rather than three days.

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