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Bill could mean changes for moped drivers


There could be changes coming for moped drivers.

State representative Chris Millis has introduced a bill that would require all moped owners to have insurance and a registration.

"the good point is if somebody hits them on a scooter, they'll be covered for that," Susan Gilman of Joe's Scooter Repair said "The bad point is we have a lot of people with DUIs who don't have transportation back and forth to work, so that's their only transportation."

Right now, there are no laws that require moped owners to have insurance, a license or registration.

Some shops say scooters are the only way some of their customers can get around, but others believe registrations will help crack down on stolen mopeds.

"I think the registration is a great idea because right now there's no way of tracking them once they're stolen," Joe Gilman of Joe's Scooter Repair said. "At least if they're registered, they can be recovered and given back to the rightful owner."

The bill was introduced Tuesday and presented to the Transportation Committee Wednesday.

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