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My Turn: Changing school start times

Something as simple sounding as school start times is creating major problems for folks in Brunswick County. The school system there has gone back and forth on how to use its resources most efficiently when transporting students to school. They've gone to staggered schedules and they've adjusted them.

And now this week, after another suggested tweaking by the administration, the school board scrapped the whole plan and returned back to the same start time for all schools.

This doesn't sound like a big deal as long as you don't think a million bucks is a big deal. That's what school leaders say this switch back to the same start time will cost in bus maintenance, worker needs and other things. One administrator told our reporter that she's in a state of disbelief. She has no idea if she'll now have overcrowded classrooms or teachers out of jobs.

This time of year many school children and teachers are looking forward to putting another school year in their rear view mirror. Unfortunately, it looks like some school board members in Brunswick County may need to attend some summer school classes to figure out what they're really supposed to be doing.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

You hit it on the nail head, What were these 3 board members thinking?  I think they should have to come up with the money to replace this million dollars for Brunswick County schools.  When teacher's position, resource officers, and others loose their jobs,  I think the board members should be held accountable.


I don't understand why the school times were ever changed to begin with...they have been basically the same for generations. I have never heard of this. Other counties are budgeting. Brunswick county needs a school board overhaul....I would really like to know the salaries and hours for each and every one of them. A whole lot of the elementary kids were going to before school care and after school care. Parents were paying for both. I would really like to know that price tag!!! People have built their lives around school schedules since the beginning of time...this should have never been

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