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Food fight costs 5 seniors chance to walk at graduation


A food fight broke out last week at Turner High School, and the district has banned five seniors from walking in the school's graduation ceremony as a result.

Some of the mothers say their boys deserve to be in trouble but not allowing them to walk in the graduation is too harsh.

Senior Bryan Sands says what started as a funny food fight rumor via text got out of hand very quickly.

"We didn't really plan it," he said.

Sands is one of those suspended and unable to walk in Thursday's ceremony.

"I got hit in the face with a glob of ranch [dressing]," he said. "And I'll be honest. It kind of ticked me off."

Once a tray of food was launched, Kenneth Clark said more than 100 students were tossing stuff. But only five cannot walk at graduation.

"We offered to clean it up and they said no," Clark said.

"Overkill," his mother, Heather Clark, said. "Just overkill on the punishment."

Turner district officials say students were warned about the consequences of senior pranks.

"They picked five boys out of a 100 just to make an example of them," said Resi Custer. "I don't think it's fair. I understand we need punishment, but there's a line where it's excessive."

She is upset and hopes district officials will change their minds.

"It's not fair to the kids. It's not fair to the families," she said.

While district officials say they understand the punishment hurts families, they do not plan to change their minds. The following is the district's entire statement:

There was a food fight at Turner High School last week deemed to be a "senior prank." Turner High School administration identified the students responsible for planning and carrying out the event. Consequences were issued in accordance with district policy. Senior students are regularly reminded that participation in activities which cause disruption to the environment will jeopardize participation in the Turner High School graduation ceremony. This event caused not only disruption to the school environment, but posed significant safety concerns for other students.

We regret the impact that these students' choices may have on family members hoping to witness the graduation ceremony.

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