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Potential new state tax has local drivers upset

Drivers could be taxed on every mile they drive. Drivers could be taxed on every mile they drive.
Monitoring your miles Monitoring your miles

With more fuel efficient cars on the roads and a fast growing population. North Carolina is losing money when it comes to gas tax. 

Now, lawmakers are considering new ways to make up that money. One of those ways could be making drivers pay a half a cent on every mile they drive. 

Steve Abbot, NC DOT's Communications Supervisor explained an additional tax is necessary due to the growing population of North Carolina.

"By the year 2040 North Carolina will have increased by 4 million people.  That is the same as if the state of South Carolina moved into North Carolina," explained Abbott.

However many local drivers did not like the idea of paying another tax at the pump.

"It's not right because families are struggling today," said a local driver. "People who make minimum wage, I don't see how they get back and forth to work."

When drivers were told their mileage could potentially be tracked by a state installed GPS on their vehicles they felt this potential tax has already crossed the line.

"That is complete insanity," said Christine Turner.  "That's just invading people's privacy."

Abbot stressed taxing people by the mile is not the only option on the table right now. He said they are also considering other options such as: lifting the cap on gas tax, increasing the insurance liability fee, or increasing the highway use pass by 1%.

He explained North Carolina has 80,000 miles of roads, which is the second highest in the country. Combining that with our growing population, and increased road repairs costs the state has to come up with another way to bring in enough money to maintain a healthy road system. 

Nonetheless, local drivers are not thrilled by this potential cost.

"I think it is a bad decision," said Christine.  "I don't think it is going to be good if they do it.

This proposal is still in the early stages of review, and no word has been given if and when these taxes could be passed.

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