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TOURISM: Exploring the sights and sounds of Surf City

Source: Allan Libby Source: Allan Libby

Whether you're looking for a staycation or for fun things to do when family and friends come through town, tourism officials in Pender County say Surf City is worth your while-- if you're looking to do nothing but relax and "get away from it all."

When it comes to dining-- it's all about making your own. All it takes is a stop at local seafood market, Surf City Crab, to create a seafood sensation.

"Surf City Crab is a fun place. People like to be there when the boats bring in the catch. It has a ton of character and it's great just being surrounded by friends and family at dinner time when it comes to cooking the meal," said Surf City Tourism Director, Allan Libby.

About 0.7 miles south of Surf City, on the sound side, is a town park, Kenny Batts Memorial Park. What you see from the road is a picnic shelter and basketball net. What you don't see is a boardwalk leading out over the wetlands, which ends at the water.

"This is a great place for looking for birds, oysters, dolphin and wetland plant life," said Libby.

Better known is a boardwalk from South New River over to Soundside Park. There is a footbridge there, where at low tide, you can often see animal tracks, mainly mammals, likely foxes and raccoons, looking for mollusks. The park has a playground, which is well used by parents that want kids to burn some energy, especially at day's end.

Not many, but some people come seeking shipwrecks. There's a beauty, about a mile up from the beach main access (Roland Avenue).

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