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Dogs on the catwalk against puppy mills

The tutu Chihuahua. The tutu Chihuahua.
The Hawaiian shirt hooch! The Hawaiian shirt hooch!

Dogs strutted their stuff down the catwalk for the Canines and Couture Pup Fashion Show/Strut to Stop Puppy Mills.

The event was aimed at raising awareness about puppy mills and the effort to pass legislation to protect pups in North Carolina. Around 30 dogs, some of which rescued from puppy mills dressed in their best walked down the crowded catwalk.

"Our ultimate goal is to get the Puppy Mill Bill (HB930) passed," Bridgett Rowley, one of the organizers of the event, wrote on Facebook. "North Carolina is one of only a few states with no legislation to protect dogs in a puppy mill."

House Bill 930 would create a standard of care for dog breeders, mainly commercial breeders.

With an estimated two hundred fifty puppy mills in the state, organizers of tonight's function said their ultimate goal is to get a special puppy mill bill passed in the state legislature that would create a standard of care for mainly commercial dog breeders. The North Carolina House passed the bill last year, but it hasn't reached the state Senate.

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Leo the blind Maltese won crowd favorite, Kava won best dressed, and Stephanie Sarver and Suzy Q won Miss Congeniality.

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