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Bobo friend describes man in camouflage at coon hunt


A third name has emerged in the investigation into Holly Bobo's disappearance. Shayne Austin will be indicted, according to the district attorney, and Austin's attorney has filed suit to block an arrest.

At the same time, a friend of Bobo's says she saw a man who looked a lot like Austin stalking them days before Bobo went missing.

Candace Wood wonders now if she was witness to the beginning of the awful events. Her story is simple and chilling now that we know so much more.

Wood was on a double-date with Bobo, her childhood friend, at the Decatur County coon hunt in 2011.

As you can imagine, it was crowded, but something made Wood look behind her - you know how you feel staring eyes.

"He had this look like he was staring at us. I had never seen this guy before," Wood said. "He just kept staring at us. He had his phone in his ear. He would look down and up, look down and up, and look back four or five times. The fourth or fifth time I got that eerie feeling, that creepy feeling he was looking at me or Holly."

Four days later, Bobo was abducted by a man in camouflage, and that detail stopped Wood cold because of the man she saw at the coon hunt.

"He was wearing camouflage from head to toe," Wood said. "I couldn't shake it off - couldn't sleep. I had to report it to the [Tennessee Bureau of Investigation]."

Wood says she reported what happened at the command station. Keep in mind, this was the day after Bobo disappeared.

"It played back in my mind. Something wasn't right. Something wasn't happening. I couldn't shake the feeling of what was wrong," Wood said.

Two months later, Wood says, the TBI called her back to sit with a sketch artist.

Channel 4 News interviewed Wood last month in connection with our investigation, and she said she is still haunted by the memory.

"I have that guilt every day. I should have protected Holly. I should have told her. I didn't have the courage to do it. I miss her. Everyone misses her," Wood said.

Meanwhile, attorney Luke Evans has filed a multi-count lawsuit against the state of Tennessee on behalf of his client, Shayne Austin, based on the immunity agreement he signed on March 6 - one week after the TBI announced indictments against the first man arrested in the case, Zach Adams.

On Tuesday, the TBI said a second man, Jason Autry, has also been indicted in Bobo's disappearance.

In a statement to Channel 4 News, Evans said:

"My client's position is that he is in full compliance with the immunity agreement with the state of Tennessee. Unfortunately, the prosecution disagrees and has stated their intent to indict Mr. Austin, claiming that the immunity agreement is null and void. Such an act by the state is a blatant violation of the agreement."

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