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Cash-a-Thon: Wilmington woman gets $12,000

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Wilmington woman finds unclaimed property. Wilmington woman finds unclaimed property.
10s of millions of dollars for Wilmington area residents waiting to be claimed. 10s of millions of dollars for Wilmington area residents waiting to be claimed.

How would you like to find out you have thousands of dollars you didn't know about, being held by the state just waiting to be claimed?  We've teamed up with the state treasurer's office to uncover the unclaimed property of viewers like you.

We called Wilmington resident Laura Gurgul to let her know she had some unclaimed money being held by the state. She said she was glad to know, but assumed it was a small amount in the $50 range. That's until the state treasurer showed up at her front door, with a giant check for $12,323!

Gurgul said it was one of the best surprises she's ever had. "I don't usually get good news, so I guess it would rate a ten out of a ten," she told us.

The money came from her late husband's life insurance policy. Gurgul says she sent Met Life a death certificate after he died of cancer 14 years ago, but for reasons unclear, this money never made it to her.

"This is a great experience to see a widow of a Vietnam War vet who has $12,000 that she didn't know was there," State Treasurer Janet Cowell said about getting to deliver the check to Gurgul in person.

It's money she can certainly use. "Being retired, I only get so much from social security," Gurgul explained. The first thing she'd like to do is make some repairs to her front porch, and then put the rest in savings for a rainy day.

If you missed WECT's live Cash-A-Thon or couldn't get through, you can check to see if you have unclaimed property by going to the state treasurer's web site:

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