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Hotel has severe weather plan to keep travelers safe

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As we know too well, the weather can make a turn for the worse in an instant.

Even when you are traveling on the road or by air, you must be prepared for any type of weather.

"If we go under a tornado warning, you will hear the sirens going off," said Hampton Inn Downtown Montgomery Front Office Manager Ramona Acreman.

It's not your normal check-in routine at the Hampton Inn in Downtown Montgomery.

"We'll also let you know and come over the intercom as well," Acreman said.

Acreman is giving guests special instructions about the hotel's severe weather safety plan.

"Last night when the bad weather came through, we had chairs set up in the basement, which we do again tonight. And sit until everything is clear of course. We don't make them. It is their choice, but we do recommend it highly," Acreman said.

Acreman says after the ice storm in January, hotel staff is making sure guests are prepared and in the know about weather forecasts and safe places in the hotel as soon as they check in.

Guests staying overnight say it's better to be safe than sorry.

''And we were woke up at 2 this morning and went downstairs to the lobby for about an hour and a half or so," Bryan Blackburn said.

And of course when we have the threat of severe weather we always like to emphasize the importance of a having a safety plan at home and a safety kit.

We're talking about you and your family discussing and identifying safe spots in your home, an evacuation plan if needed, and where to find the flashlight and other essentials needed during a power outage.

If you haven't started a kit yet, visit the Red Cross website to find out what supplies you need to start your kit.

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