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My Turn: Safety technology helps school spot registered sex offender

Something happened this week at an elementary school in our area that gives me reason to be encouraged about the future of security efforts in and around schools. A new technology actually worked.

We hear a lot about the failures. And there seems to be more than enough of those to go around. But a success? That, my friends, is rare.

In case you missed the story - a registered sex offender was identified and arrested while attempting to attend a school awards ceremony. And that arrest was made possible by a system installed by Brunswick County Schools. But the fact that it worked so well makes me hopeful for two things.

I'm hopeful because we know the schools using that technology like it is supposed to be used can count on it to work. And I'm hopeful this example now gives any would be violator second thoughts about violating school visitor policies.

I have no idea what a system like that cost the school system, but I think most parents would agree it was money well spent.

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