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Vandals once again target west side Cleveland home

Archmere  Avenue, Cleveland Archmere Avenue, Cleveland
Archmere  Avenue, Cleveland Archmere Avenue, Cleveland
Archmere  Avenue, Cleveland Archmere Avenue, Cleveland

Vandals have once again targeted a Cleveland home that was spray painted with racist graffiti last November.

Reporter Dan DeRoos first showed you the home in November. A racist statement spray painted on the side of this home on Archmere in Cleveland that used the "N word."

We've now talked to the family and they say race is not a factor here.  

"It was a scare tactic. From someone trying to get revenge," said the son of the homeowner.

"Because there's no race involved in this case?" asked DeRoos.

"No there isn't."

The man we interviewed didn't want to be identified because clearly this isn't over. Even the home is vacant there have been two more attacks, the past two Saturdays.

One where someone broke in and shot out just about every window, and last Saturday someone spray painted the home again. The family is beyond frustrated.

"The lack of cooperation with the police department. Their lack of investigating," said man who's grandmother spent 40 years in the home before passing away two years ago.

 After the first attack the family installed cameras. In January they caught a man up to something. He walked up the driveway, looked at the camera and doubled back.

This past Saturday they also caught the person spray painting the front of the house again. Would you be shocked to hear the detective assigned to the case has yet to look at either video, according to the homeowner?

 "I called the detective, told him I have this guy on camera and they told me it's a civil mater you need to take it downtown, there's nothing we can do. He doesn't even want to look at the tape."

"He never asked to see that video? DeRoos asked.  

"Never asked. I told him I had video. Never asked to even look at it."

We have reached out to the Cleveland Police Department several times over the past two days.

And wouldn't you know it. After reporter Dan Deroos started asking questions, as to why a detective wouldn't even bother to watch this video CPD got back to me him Wednesday afternoon, saying they do now have the video and it has been assigned to a new detective.

Lets hope this now gets real action.

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