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Spring temperatures bring out termite swarms

State Pest Association offers electronic hotline for termite and pest questions

Raleigh, N.C. — Spring means warm weather, flowers and the return of termite swarms. Since termite swarms are a sign of possible termite infestations, the North Carolina Pest Management Association (NCPMA) is urging homeowners to contact professional pest management companies to treat possible termite infestations and to schedule home inspections.

"NCPMA members statewide are receiving calls from homeowners who are reporting termite swarms and signs of termite damage," said Lee Smith, entomologist and board member of NCPMA. "Since termites can infest a home for years before homeowners realize it, annual inspections by trained pest management professionals can identify potential termite infestations before they cause costly damage."

In honor of the first Pest Management Month in North Carolina, the NCPMA is again offering the NCPMA PestLine through the month of April. Throughout the month, homeowners can receive answers to their termite questions and a list of pest management companies in their area by contacting the NCPMA PestLine. Consumers can contact the NCPMA PestLine by emailing pestline@ncpestmanagement.org or Tweeting @ncpestmgmt with the hashtag #ncpmapestline.

"When termites begin swarming, homeowners may not know how to treat or deal with the problem. That is why we are offering the NCPMA PestLine," Smith said. "The NCPMA wants to help homeowners identify their pest problems and find a qualified professional in their area to help control and treat those problems."

According to the United States Forest Service, North Carolina is rated as Moderate to Heavy infestation for Subterranean Termites. According to the National Pest Management Association, termite infestations cause homeowners $5 billion in property damage every year. A colony of termites feeds 24 hours a day and can chew through any wood or paper product including wood, flooring and wallpaper.

About the NCPMA

Founded in 1952, the North Carolina Pest Management Association (NCPMA), is the trade association representing the professional pest management industry in North Carolina. NCPMA promotes the continued cooperation and success of all pest management businesses in North Carolina. NCPMA is the only statewide association dedicated to representing and educating North Carolina's pest management professionals. To learn more about NCPMA, please visit its Web site at: www.ncpestmanagement.org.

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