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My Turn: Could threat of budget cuts lead to proposed tax hike?

Most of us have some degree of experience negotiating with children. If you want them to do something, but want them to feel like they're taking part in the decision, you give them a really bad option. Then you offer an alternative. The alternative is usually not as bad as the first option…and guess what? Your children do what you want. Think for example…you can have Brussels sprouts (yuck) or you can eat this less distasteful broccoli.

Well, this week, we're the children and the city of Wilmington is the parent. The city says they need to make up some money in budget planning this year and they're discussing some cuts, including the mounted police patrol and school resource officers; which just a year ago our leaders felt were so drastically needed. They've even mentioned the elimination of a fire station and swimming pool closures.

These cuts could impact just about everyone living in Wilmington. They stopped just short of melting everyone's ice cream cones for the summer.

The problem is, this appears to be a smokescreen. I don't think it will happen. I think the city is setting up the citizens of Wilmington for a tax hike. In a news release this week, a city spokesperson pointed out that Wilmington enjoys one of the lowest property tax rates in the state. Can you connect the dots here?

Enjoy your pool time this summer…along with the, now more expensive, broccoli!

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Emailed comments from viewers:

Get rid of the mayor the citizens that live in the county can't even vote for the mayor of Wilmington but they want to raise taxes administration needs to get it together


When the tax paying citizens of Wilmington continue and continue again (and again) to leave an incompetent City Council in place, by way of the voting booths...why does the Mayor even put a smokescreen into place for a tax hike? Well...he's hiding something. He's hiding where did all those tax dollars go before now with improper road systems...inadequate sewer systems city wide/below average city employee wages. Just a few examples of where past tense tax dollars haven't been routed to.

Mayors, just like state Governors and Presidents, can be impeached...but why hasn't this Mayor been removed?

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