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Henrico family rushes to rescue woman in fiery car wreck


A family in Henrico races to rescue a woman from a horrifying wreck in their front yard. The driver lost control off Parham Road, hit a tree on the home's lawn, and flipped over, early Friday morning.

The mom, dad and two sons who live in the house, came rushing to the rescue. They immediately started dousing the flames, before emergency teams got on scene.

"I yelled out to my husband, 'David there's a car in the yard, upside down. Call 911!'" said Chevelle Henderson, of the moment she discovered the scary scene at 2 a.m..

David Henderson dialed for help, but quickly cut the call short.  

"I had to get off the phone (with 911) because the car was igniting on fire," described David, of the tense scenario. "I ran out in my underwear…grabbed the fire extinguisher from the utility room, ...and started putting out the fire."

David blasted the car with the fire extinguisher. Meantime, the couple's two sons worked together to unravel the garden hose in the back of the house. Khaelin Henderson, 15, aimed the hose at the car, dousing it as well.

"I unraveled the hose as far as I could. My little brother unraveled the rest of it," described Khaelin.

Khaelin hosed down the flames with the help of his younger brother, who is 12.

"I knew someone needed my help. I just started to react," continued Khaelin.

Firefighters ultimately used the jaws of life to pry the woman from the car.

"We got the fire out, and that was my main concern," added David.

The woman was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. However, she survived. There no word yet on what caused the driver to lose control.

That wasn't the case five years ago, in another accident on the Henderson's front lawn. Ironically, another car had careened through the yard, also smashing into a tree. Two people died on the scene, even though David tried helplessly to put out the flames. The family watched on as the devastation unfolded before their eyes.

"I felt helpless, because I couldn't do anything to get them out of the car. (But this time) we were able to get the fire out," said David.

"I didn't really believe that I actually helped save a life, so I feel kind of proud of myself," said Khaelin.

It's certainly a sentiment the entire family can share.

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