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Flood ruins Evansville home, family left nowhere to go


Families are still recovering after strong storms swept through the tri-state Thursday night causing wide-spread flooding and scattered wind damage.

Cathleen Heyward is one of many people affected by the seven inches of rain we got yesterday in what officials are calling "a 100 year rain event."

Cathleen says the damage at her place is so bad she and her family have to move out tonight because the house could collapse at any time. 

The electricity has been turned off for their safety causing them to lose much of their refrigerated food and they spent all day trying to salvage what they could.

A city inspector told them they have to be out of their home tonight.

Cathleen says they do not have any family nearby and is having a hard time finding a place that will take them in with her brothers cat and her four dogs.

Even homeless, Cathleen and her brother a sticking together to get through it relying on the only thing they have left, hope.

The Red Cross says they are also doing what they can to help them. 

There is a donation fund set up for Cathleen and her brother and anyone can donate any amount any time to help them get back on their feet.

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