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Five arrested by Posey Co. drug task force


The Posey County drug task force arrested five people Friday for meth related crimes and another woman wanted for theft in Vanderburgh County.

The officers involved had considered every scenario before they left the office on Friday, so they were able to arrest everyone they were targeting.

Officials say they had felony arrests warrants for these five people.  

Officers found 41-year-old Dorian Givens and 23-year-old Krystal Bulla together at a residence.

Authorities say they found video monitors inside the bedroom so that you could see what or who was outside.  

Givens is charged with dealing meth and Bulla is charged with child neglect. Officers say her young child has been in the home with the drugs.  

Three others were arrested and charged with dealing meth, a problem Posey County prosecutor Travis Clowers says is being addressed.  

"The officers have done an excellent job investigating these cases," says Clowers.  "It makes our streets safer and it cuts down on all the residual crime that may happen you know people who are involved in drug dealing just don't stop there"

Clowers says these drug busts are really helping the community and he credits all of the officers. 

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