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Jury finds Katyun Marsh guilty of murder


After deliberating throughout much of the day the jury has convicted Katyun Marsh of murder in the shooting death of Angie Dixon.

The jury acquitted Marsh on several robbery charges.

He is facing 45-65 years and will be sentenced on May 1st.

Marsh was charged with the shooting death of 46-year-old Angie Dixon in her Evansville apartment last summer.

In closing arguments, the state argued that the entire case hinges on about 64 seconds.

Prosecuting Attorney Levi Burkett showed jurors surveillance video that shows Marsh and two co-defendants in the case, Brandi Phillips and Blake Fisher, outside Dixon's apartment.

The video shows the three suspects enter the apartment and just 64 seconds later, Fisher and Phillips can be seen leaving the apartment.

Burkett told jurors another 22 seconds goes by before Marsh is seen leaving the apartment and closing the door behind him.

The state argued that in those 22 seconds, Marsh reached in Dixon's pocket to steal money and/or marijuana.

The prosecution and the defense agreed that all three went in Dixon's apartment and when they left, she was dead.

But, in her closing arguments, defense attorney Barbara Williams argued that they were all three in the apartment and they should all three be charged with murder.

Phillips and Fisher are charged with robbery.

Williams argued that the only evidence against the defendant is the testimony from Phillips and Fisher.

The defense told the jury Phillips and Fisher are not eyewitnesses in this case, rather they are suspects.

Both sides also agree that Phillips repeatedly lied during the investigation and was noticeably confused during her testimony.

The state says Phillips felt threatened and feared for her life. The defense said her lies prove she is not a credible witness.

The jury began deliberating at 10:30 a.m. Friday and will continue until a verdict is reached.

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