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My Turn: The process of restoring brick streets

Wilmington returning to brick roads naturally. (Source: WECT) Wilmington returning to brick roads naturally. (Source: WECT)

I'm conflicted about a recent report from our newsroom on the future of brick streets in Wilmington's historic district. The city is moving in the direction of allowing the original bricks to shine through the pavement. I kind of like that look and it appeals to me.

I also like that the city is trying to be frugal with this project by not allocating money to remove the pavement in order to achieve that look. They are letting the pavement break away naturally and simply allowing the brick surface to become exposed again.

Some property owners in the area feel this is being done at the expense of their automobiles. Pot holes are popping up and that's creating problems. Nobody knows for sure how long this low-cost natural solution will take…or how many cars will suffer in the meantime.

I think the city should reconsider the process. It just might make better sense to spend the money to get it done now, rather than later. We get the look we want quickly…and we save the area's motorists money and aggravation.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

I think going back to brick streets is a bad idea. Can't tell you how many motorcycles have wiped out downtown on the brick streets,  especially after a good rain! I haven't personally but have many friends that have lost it on the slick bricks. 

Is this passing the buck, hoping the problem resolves itself as the tar & pavement erode?  The potholes are no fun either, two wheels or four! Sounds like no one wants to put out funds for this project. Personally I would prefer the bricks were paved over completely, at least where you drive...on second thought,  they're tricky to walk on too!

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