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My Turn: Alerting parents about gang members in schools

The New Hanover County School system will give you a heads-up when there's a child in the school with head lice, when they spray chemicals on the property, and when your child is listed as sick for the day. But they say they won't tell you when there are validated gang members in your schools.

Am I missing something here?

The sheriff's office has been working to verify the number of gang members in all of our high schools. So far, they can only tell us about New Hanover High. Deputies told our newsroom there are 20.

The sheriff shared the information with the school system, but a school official said they have no plans to tell parents. They say just because the sheriff's department considers them gang members, it doesn't mean they are.

I understand these students may not have been accused of a crime, but this seems like a no brainer to me. Knowledge is power...and as a parent, I would want to know what we're dealing with where my kids are going to school. I can't see a good reason to hold that information in secret.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

Parents should know about possible gang activities in there community school.  This should be general awareness.  Signs on foreheads or segregation is abuse of individual rights.


I gotta say I'm with alot of people when it seems like there's alot of effort that goes in to protecting known criminals and suspected criminals instead of protecting victims and penitential victims from the gangs in schools . If they are involved  in gang activities they shouldn't be involved in school kids that some have the same home & economic problems but want to better themselves with education and make a real change in their community . SOME THINGS SEEM LIKE A NO BRAINER. If a parent has the right to know there child is attending classes with a  child with head lice they most definitely have the right to know their child is attending classes with this gang scum . Sounds like it's more about scaring off penitential residents and what school they may send their child to . THANKS FOR MY TURN would like to hear your.thoughts on this issue

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