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My Turn: Staying educated on judicial races

I consider myself a fairly informed person. But I couldn't name two justices on the North Carolina State Supreme Court without the help of Google. And I don't think I'm alone in making that statement.

The sad fact is only a small group of people vote each time they have the opportunity. And of those people, an even smaller percent are informed on the judicial races.

But this year we have a really interesting race for the Chief Justice position on the state's highest court. If any judicial race is going to get you interested, this should be the one.

Mark Martin, already on the court, is running for the Chief Justice position. At the last minute, Brunswick County Judge Ola Lewis also threw her name in the hat to run for the top spot on the court. And it's not sitting well with some Republicans.

In a special report on WECT, Justin Smith uncovered how at least one Republican uninvited Lewis from a political event just because of this move. This really piqued my interest.

This race is non-partisan and we don't vote on it until November. But that gives you plenty of time to educate yourself on these candidates and the other judicial races before going to the polls this year. Don't let the Supreme Court take a back seat to any race during your voter preparations.

That's my turn. Now it's your turn. To comment on this segment or anything else, email me at



Emailed comments from viewers:

Good evening. I am a 26 year old Marine Corps veteran taking an interest in my county and state elections. I am very disappointed after watching the segment this evening. It seems as if Mark Martin thinks he deserves Chief Justice, unopposed, because he has been an associate justice for many years. It takes time, as with anything, to get better and grow into what you are doing; such would be the case with Justice Martin when he was elected. Both candidates seem highly qualified, but I think it is strange for a partisan group to oust one of their own because of the move Ms. Lewis made. 

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