Child advocacy center closed, fashion show canceled

The Child Advocacy and Parenting Place Center is closing.
The Child Advocacy and Parenting Place Center is closing.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - After 35 years, a local agency that specializes in the prevention of child abuse has shut its doors. The Child Advocacy and Parenting Place Center in Wilmington did not have the funds to stay open.

Executive Director Liz Mandel said since the Child Advocacy Commission merged with the Parenting Place in 2007, they have been in a financial hole. She also said the economy collapse played a huge part in their finances.

Board members decided to close the center immediately on Monday.

Mandel said that although people are losing their jobs because of the center's closing, the people that they helped are losing even more.

The center offered several parenting programs including home visits and support groups.

It also helped families find affordable homes, food and healthcare, and worked to prevent child abuse and neglect.

"There are so many that will be affected by today's decision. Not so sad for us, but sad for the children and families who won't be getting the help they had been getting," Mandel said.

The Board President Rob Gerlach said in a statement:

This decision was not reached lightly and has affected everyone associated with CAPP in a very personal way.

Gerlach said that they tried everything they could to stay open, but the financial burden was too heavy to bear.

CAPP was planning a charity fashion show for April 1 at Landfall Country Club, but board members decided to cancel the event.

Board members are also facilitating the closing and sale of their property at 1401 South 39th Street.

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