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'Sleepy Hollow' stars can't wait to find out what happens in Season 2

John Cho and Orlando Jones pose with 'Headless Horseman' at Paley Fest. John Cho and Orlando Jones pose with 'Headless Horseman' at Paley Fest.

LOS ANGELES (WECT) - The stars of Sleepy Hollow talked about the first season's success and what's instore for season two while at Paley Fest this week, a festival for fans of TV.

When we last saw the cast together, their characters werefighting for their lives in the cliffhanger-packed season finale of the show.

When asked to detail all of the plotlines that had viewerson the edge of their seats in the season ender, Robert Orci, ExecutiveProducer, broke it down.

"Abbie trapped in Purgatory, with younger versions ofherself and her sister," Orci listed. "We have Crane in a coffin, the verycoffin that his son, who was called 'Henry Parrish,' was actually Jeremy, wasstuck in for 200 years. We have Jenny, Abbie's sister, flipped over in an SUV,potentially dead. We have Irving on the hook for potentially murdering toprotect his daughter. And, who's left? Oh! Of course, we have Katrina, Crane'swife, trapped by the headless horseman!"

Coming off of all that, Orlando Jones (Capt. Frank Irving)is calling the show a "phenomenon."

"I mean, look, when you're the number-one drama on FOXand you're doing really the biggest numbers anyone has seen since 24' but, also, the DVR numbers are justmassive. When you have 25-30-million people watching the pilot, those are sortof the old days of television, really."

One reason a lot of viewers are tuning in has to do with theon screen chemistry between Nicole Beharie, who plays Abbie Mills, and TomMison, who stars as Ichabod Crane.

"They balance each other out," Beharie said. "I thinkhe's smart, she's smart -- just in different ways. You know what I mean? Theyreally need each other. And I think that's what's really interesting -- to seepeople from such different walks of life come together, which is sort of astory that we would like to see: People that don't get each other suddenly haveto make it work."

Mison said he's looking forward to seeing what the futureholds for his character.

"We start filming again in a couple of months," he said."And the writers got back in the writing room a couple of weeks ago. And, so,there are little hints that they are throwing at me for season two. But themain thing about this hiatus is I want to know what's going to happen in seasontwo. And, for an actor, that's such a treat."

Cameras will start rolling on season two in Wilmington soon.

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