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Severe winter weather takes toll on roads


The severe winter weather has really taken a toll on Tri-State roadways.

In Warrick County, officials say more than one hundred miles of roads are littered with cracks and potholes.

The county does not have the money to fix the problems, so commissioners are now asking the county council for funds.

County commissioners are worried that the current state of the roads could impact economic growth in the county.

"It is a lot to maintain, people don't realize that. If you black top 25 or 30 miles out of 750, that doesn't go very far. We really need to black top a few hundred miles of roads and get everything up in shape because we want to sell Warrick County," says Marlin Weisheit, County Commissioner.

Weisheit says if they black top the roads it could cost well over a million dollars and that won't even get to all the roads that need repair.

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