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Massive sinkholes plague Easley subdivision

EASLEY, SC (FOX Carolina) -

Holes as big as some people's front yards have popped up in one Easley neighborhood over the last 12 years. Neighbors said they're an eyesore, bad for property value and even potentially dangerous.

They're begging for help, but for a long time the city of Easley couldn't do anything because they don't have the right to touch private property.

Now Easley city leaders have plans to fix the holes, as long as they can get all residents on board.

One gaping hole is bigger than the rest. Neighbors said the man who lived at the home moved out and left it to the bank because he didn't want to deal with it any longer.

Easley City Manager Fox Simons said that the city knows and sympathizes with homeowners.

Simons said that when the neighborhood was built back in the 1980s the development piped an underground creek using corrugated metal. He said that in the last 25 to 30 years, it rusted through the bottom.

"A number of years ago, there was actually a flood on creek drive … Since then, the holes have started to show up and they keep getting bigger and bigger," said neighbor Matthew Moore.

Simons said the process has taken longer than anyone, including the city, could have imagined. He said since a meeting with homeowners last summer, the project has been delayed after turnover with their contractor. Now, Simons said, the plan is back in action, as long as all twenty homeowners sign for easements.

Some neighbors, though, don't like the idea that much of their yards will be ripped up. They don't want to sign until they're promised that the city won't leave them with another mess to clean up by themselves.

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