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Storm is past, but ice dangers loom

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Rising temperatures might be a good thing for road safety, but falling ice created a new sort of danger. Ice fell from roofs and flew off of cars. The storm has left its icy footprint on East Texas and in the wake came new dangers.

"There's a lot of ice and a lot of water," Brent Lawson, a business owner working outside in Tyler, said.

In Downtown Tyler using our roof cam, we captured giant chunks of ice falling from a business. You can see it slide off and plunge to the ground below, a danger to any passerby. And don't just look up when walking, there is hazard below your feet.

"I had some elderly in-laws that I have to help them out, make sure they don't slip and fall et cetera," David Peterson, a Tyler resident, said.

East Texas Medical Center reported more than 60 fall-related injuries in the past two days.

Another trouble spot is the road. Though ice has melted on the asphalt, "basically, the ice sits on top of the roof and the hood and slides off and just covers your front wind shield and you can't see so you have to stop," David Webb, a Lindale resident, explained.

It happened to reporter Summer Dashe's windshield today, too. In video you can see huge chunks of ice covering her view out of the KLTV car. She had to pull over and pull it off since it made it impossible to see.

"That's what I've seen mostly is that," Webb said. "That ice then goes flying up in the air and come falling towards other cars."

Remnants of others with the same problem are left on the roadways.

"No, dodged a couple of them though," Webb said of driving around East Texas.

Trees lean entirely to the ground if they haven't already snapped under the weight of ice.

"Just gotta be careful out there with falling ice and anything that would be falling from trees, but the other is just that they're flying from the cars," Webb said.

Falling trees, flying ice, and a dripping mess. "It's not your typical East Texas weather around March," he said.

All of this is just another piece of that "perfect winter storm."

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