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Chesterfield man claims $1 million lottery prize

We have a winner! The long unclaimed $1 million winning lottery ticket in Chesterfield County has been claimed. It was just as much a shock for the winner, who thought he'd won about a thousand dollars, but instead claimed a million.

Woodrow Green, the winner, says he doesn't' play the lottery much at all, but if he's learned anything from 30 years with his girlfriend- it's to listen to her.

"She tells me to play- she plays often," said Green. "And she always asks me, why don't you play? You'll probably be the person that wins some money!" 

Green did win, and he won big. But how he claimed that prize- is a cute story. 

Green bought the ticket, and when he didn't win the jackpot, he put it aside. He said he didn't even realize there was a second place prize! But, his girlfriend kept pestering him, so he took it to a Kroger. And when the cashier scanned it, she told him it was too big to cash!

A trip to the lottery office confirmed the auto-detailer not only won, he won a million bucks and then went back to work. But he says he does have plans for all that cash. 

"Pay some bills, maybe pay the house off or whatever," said Green. "I need a vacation. I haven't had a vacation since God knows when, so maybe me and her will take a nice vacation somewhere."

Green says he'll let his girlfriend decide where they go for vacation, too. So far, she hasn't led him astray.

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