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My Turn: Legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes in NC

You don't even have to be a parent to empathize with Dylan and Kelly Morley from Wilmington. If you've ever loved anyone, you know you will move heaven and earth to get them the help they need in times of adversity.

Last week, our news team featured the Morleys' agonizing decision to pull up roots, leave jobs and friends, and move to Colorado. They're trying to give their daughter, battling Lennox Syndrome, a chance at a better life.

6-year-old Mia has been on dozens of medications with little progress. Her family believes an element found in marijuana called CBD could help. They've researched it and they believe it could be their answer.

North Carolina, however, does not allow the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. But it is available in Colorado.

The Morleys aren't alone. We've heard of other families moving out west for similar reasons.

There is a movement afoot to make it available in communities on the East Coast, but it's going to take a lot of convincing.

I've seen evidence through the years that has led me to start leaning towards being okay with legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes. And now little Mia's story has put me firmly in that camp.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

I can testify that the oil, salves, tinctures and salves work.  I was led to the oil by my mother who died 2-8-13 from lung and breast cancer.  Operation to remove and chemo was not available to her, her only hope was in the Cannabis oil, and it was out of reach.  We scored an ounce but were clueless as to how to make the oil, which she needed.  Since her death, I've made it my solemn vow to fight for the right to use the medicine.  However, saying that, I had to be able to honestly testify it's not a bunch of BS.  So when I found out I had skin cancer, I found the oil and other products, used them.  My lesions are going away and I use the salve on my back for inflammation bc I've had a discectomy and have chronic pain.  I take no synthetic medicine, zero.  I couldn't get the Cannabis medicine for my mother, but I will not sit quietly by while others suffer, it's just inhumane.  You can contact me if you want to know more. Thank you for doing this piece, my heart has been warmed.


I believe that it does help and I'm living proof. I have HIV and THC from marijuana is in my meds. Without it I wouldn't be here today. Please help more people like me and people like the little girl that is moving away from friends and family.


This  absolutely should be legal for Medical purpose. North Carolina needs to catch up with the times when it come to the uses of  medical marijuana.  If the CBD or THC could help a cancer patient or any other persons with medical issues ,even for a short period of time they should have it. If it will improve their quality of life at all ,they should have it. I am actually surprised the Government has not jump on this like a rabid dog ,being as the will collect millions in taxes on this and employ just as many people . Good luck and God Bless the Morley family. The move will be the best thing they can do for their daughter. Safe Travels to you!


I have children, & if I had to see one of them suffer like that when I KNOW that marujana can help, I think that people keeping it from legalization for medical purpose are SELFISH & UNEDUCATED, I wish that they had a child that had these symptoms, even though I would not wish that to any one! LEGALIZE IT & give these families their children's life back


I am a 67 year old caucasian american. I am a proud veteran. I and my wife have voted in every election since 1968.

We have both worked hard and paid our taxes until our recent retirements.

I agree with your feelings 100% concerning marijuana but I would go one step further that simple possesion of one ounce or less should in no way be a criminal offense. 


I think it should be legalized in NC for medical purposes.. Is there anyway we can get it legalize here in NC for sick individuals.


I pray Mia finds the hope that her parents are so desperately trying to find.  Wouldn't it be so wonderful that Dylan and Kelly could finally have a conversation with their daughter?  I am so glad you have changed your mind about medical marijuana.

I also had difficulty in NC many years ago and left the state exhausting every avenue after going to Duke, Bowmen Grey, Chapel Hill, Winston-Salem, Concord and Charlotte.  I have found that after 27 years NC is still far behind neurologically.  Shame on NC for not legalizing medical marijuana.

I had Encephalitis at the age of 18 months old and ran a high fever for 7 days.  The doctors finally injected penicillin into my blood stream that broke the fever but caused scar tissue in the right temporal lobe.  I had seizures from 18 months of age until age 24 where I also took a leap of faith, went to N.Y. and after a 30 minute consultation the doctors knew where I needed to go and the procedure I needed to have.  Now I am seizure free and should the Morley's not find what they are looking for I went to The Medical College of Georgia in Augusta where in 1985 they opened a state of the art pediatric ward and is still #1 in the country.  The school is now called Georgia Health Sciences University.  God Speed for the Morley's


Hello:  I have a great medicine for parkinson's disease.  It is called marijuana.  It is the only medicine to stop my uncontrolled shaking on my right side.  Why would anyone want to let me suffer like this?


In March 2009 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  Since then I have been put on 2 of the 3 drugs used to treat MS flares.  The drugs used to treat MS are called the ABC drugs (Avonex, Beta Serum and Copaxone) which are suppose to reduce the number of flares a person will have in any given year. 

I tried Beta Serum but my body could not handle a 1/4 dose, so I was taken off of it and put on Copaxone. 

Copaxone is a daily subcutaneous injection, delivered to seven possible sites on my body.  The problem with that is, scar tissue builds up over time and I can no longer inject the medication seven days a week, as the needle hits scar tissue and the fluid bubbles up and out of the injection site.

For an MS patient, a flare up can mean loss of vision, cognitive deficiencies, mobility issues, balance issues, pain, numbness with pain, muscle spasticity (in muscles I did not even know I have) and bladder problems. There is also the mental and emotional side of MS, which is the fact that as the disease progresses I lose the ability to do everyday things easily, example getting dressed, walking, holding onto a cup, holding a conversation without confusing words.

I have been prescribed numerous narcotics from Vicodin to Oxycodone.  For spasticity I am given various doses of Valium, which I can only take before bed. 

None of these drugs Aleve a bad flare up, they just put me to sleep and have the potential to create drug dependency. 

In the past, I have found that marijuana has helped enormously to alleviate the severity of  Multiple Sclerosis flares.  While I do not have access to marijuana I feel a person in my condition and my age (48) should not be denied access to a plant that has shown potential to help when all other medications fail.

Since March is MS Awareness month, I would like to say I feel medical marijuana should be legalized in North Carolina.  It should be regulated as it is in Colorado. 

In addition, to the medical benefits for someone with my condition, it would help the state increase its tax revenue, aide police in using their resources and staff to go after hardened criminals, as well as free up jails for persons who have been caught with a small amount of marijuana and lighten the criminal courts workload for persons who have to appear in front of a judge for the possession of marijuana. 

That is just my 2 cents from a women who has a lot of challenges in front of her and no cure for a disease that will look to take as much as it can from me.


I am 18 and I support this cause to legalize marijuana for medical and general use also. I think that North Carolina should legalize it in its full effect just like Washington and Colorado did. If North Carolina legalizes marijuana for medical and general use for 18 year olds and up, they can also tax the marijuana. That way, North Carolina does not have to worry about looking for more money, and half of the money can go to the schools in North Carolina too.

In my opinion, marijuana is a calming, soothing and relaxing drug that everybody would love to have it legalized in North Carolina, especially in Wilson, NC, due to many people I have asked about this cause. They should have it legalized as soon as possible.

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