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Cell phone video sparks RPD internal investigation


A cell phone video is going viral and prompting Richmond Police to launch an investigation.

The video allegedly shows a DUI traffic stop and witnesses believe the woman behind the wheel may have received special treatment because a man presumed to be her dad may be a police officer.

"The Richmond Police Department would like the public to know that Internal Affairs detectives are aware of the incident and are investigating to determine exactly what happened," said RPD in a statement on their Facebook page. "Anyone with any information about this incident may contact them at 804-646-6816."

Immanuel Kent shot the video, which shows a belligerent motorist suspected of driving drunk.   

"There was no remorse whatsoever from her," said Kent. "She blows through the stop sign. She could have killed us."

The incident happened in the 3000 block of  E. Broad Street. Witnesses say police had already stopped a different suspected DUI motorist accused of slamming into a car on the stretch. 

Preston Duncan's vehicle was damaged in that incident. Duncan was speaking with police when he says the woman in the video came speeding toward the crowd.

"We all just kind of grabbed each other and ran," said Duncan. "People on the other side of the street, who were watching, started screaming stop your car!"

Kent and Duncan say the female driver was "hysterical" when she got out of the car.

"Most of what she was saying was unintelligible," said Duncan. "But we did hear her say the word dad and officer quite clearly several times." 

Preston says the female made a call and moments later, a man who witnesses presume is her dad, arrived.

"Cut the camera off son," said the man who was wearing a yellow hoodie.

"She could have killed us man," replied Kent to the man.  

After a short conversation with police, the man in the hoodie was allowed to leave with the female driver. 

"Not even a ticket for going through that stop sign," exclaimed Kent. "And then he tells her for all us to hear, if you don't shut up I'm going to let them take you. It is so frustrating that someone can do something so dangerous and put other people's lives at risk, but because she is the daughter of an officer there are absolutely no repercussions."

Of course, we don't know yet if there will be any repercussions for that woman. The investigation is ongoing.  Police sources say 12 they ran the license plate of the man in the yellow hoodie. Sources say he is not a Richmond Police officer. They can't rule out the possibility he may work in another jurisdiction.

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