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Restaurant menus being ‘served-up' in Google search results

Sceenshot taken within Google Search Sceenshot taken within Google Search

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – The process of going out to eat is about to get a bit more convenient. In the latest effort by Google to improve its web services, full restaurant menus (including prices) can now appear at the top of the search results without the need to click on any links.

This new tool can be accessed by simply typing "show me the menu for" followed by the name of the desired restaurant. Not only does this feature work for national chain restaurants, but also local establishments.

As to be expected, the service is hit-or-miss at launch. However, when testing the results with local venues in downtown Wilmington, there was a relatively high success rate.

Popular locales such as Paddy's Hollow, Circa 1992, Copper Penny, Front Street Brewery, and Riverboat Landing all worked on the first try. On the contrary, the menus for Nick's Diner and The Basics did not appear, while the shorthand of Fat Tony's needed to be fully written out to include Fat Tony's Italian Pub.

Users can cue up results through voice commands on desktop or mobile devices as well.

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