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Those plowing snow are cashing in on the winter weather


The winter weather is big business for some who make their living plowing snow.

"I started with a pickup truck out of my house and quickly added people and moved to this location about 10 years ago," Kristopher Dabner said.

Dabner with The Greensman out of Kansas City, MO, has been in the landscape and gardening business for 20 years. Ten years ago he noticed the grass isn't always green come March and decided to contract snow plow work during the winter.

"If it's going to be this cold, we would rather have snow on the ground because at least it gives us something to do," he said.

This season is no exception. He's getting the plows, sand and salt ready to serve driveways, business parking lots and churches.

"Getting all the equipment ready, making sure we have enough salt and right now they're just trying to get rest because once the snow starts flying, they'll be on call until it's over," Dabner said. "The biggest challenge is trying to figure out when is it going to be enough snow on the ground to start. But once we're out and about we just keep going until it's done."

What keeps him and his crew going is knowing spring will come, eventually with new plants and new business just around the corner.

Another winter blast may seem like a headache for the rest of us in the metro, but it keeps money coming in for at least a dozen of Dabner's seasonal workers.

"Frankly, some of these guys will be on unemployment - I mean they'll be busy with this - but until we can get enough work to keep them busy full-time," he said. "The snow will definitely help pay the bills."

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