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Perry County Sheriff warns of phone scam

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - The Perry County, Mo. Sheriff's Office says they've gotten several calls recently about someone trying to scam people over the telephone.  

The caller told them they were with National Credit Recovery Service -  or that they were a deputy with the Perry County Sheriff's Office - and that they had a bad check or an unpaid fine and they were going to arrest them if they didn't pay them right now over the phone.  

Some paid them money with a credit card.

The Sheriff's Office says they do not call people over bad checks or unpaid fines.  Sheriff's Office says these matters are handled either in person, or through the US Mail.  

Sheriff Gary Shaaf says if you receive a call from these people, do not give them any money or personal information over the phone.  It is a scam. Tell them to mail you the information and then hang up.

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