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Your Turn: Bringing light to history, the good and the bad

By: Marcus Lacewell

It amazes me how the majority of this city's government continues to deny part of our colorful history. Each year, during Black History Month, Wilmington's misconceived racial flaw is treated as a badge of honor.

An example of the partial history that is rarely told, is the 1898 Wilmington Race Riots.  They don't tell of the white supremacists shooting black citizens in the streets.

It became clear to black southerners that the federal government was not going to come to their aid, and this sparked the great migration of African Americans to the north.

A black woman, who witnessed the massacre, wrote to the Attorney General. She asked him, "Is this the land of the free and the home of the brave? How can the Negro sing my country 'tis of thee?"

I've never understood people's response to this dark history.  They say, "There were many mistakes made. We have learned and realize our mistakes."

Well, it's not the history that I don't understand. It is the constant sharing of only the 'good' history, without showing the presence of resistance.

If it is claimed that history holds many mistakes, why glorify only part of this infested history?  This sends mixed signals.

We see this in apartheid, the holocaust, etc. And, we continue to experience it in the current events of our time.

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