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Chesterfield man accused of having marijuana in car with child

Howshard Hutcherson (Source: Chesterfield Police Dept.) Howshard Hutcherson (Source: Chesterfield Police Dept.)

Chesterfield Police say a routine traffic stop turned into a marijuana bust.

Now, 22-year-old Howshard Hutcherson is facing a long list of charges.  

"What do you want?" questioned a resident at Hutcherson's address when asked about the incident. "I don't want none of this on television concerning that. If he's 21-years-old he's grown. I live here."

Hutcherson is accused of driving on a suspended license with a child in the car.

"I don't want to discuss any of that right now," said the resident.

Police say the child was not properly secured in a safety seat. Hutcherson now faces a felony child neglect charge in addition to the drug charges.

"I deal with it everyday," said Marjorie Yates with the Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Alliance who wants to see marijuana legalized. "I want to legalize it, and I want the revenue from the taxing of marijuana once it's legalized to be earmarked for treatment funds for places like SAARA so we can actually treat people with the disease instead of locking them up."

Her message is simple.

"Marijuana is not harmless," said Yates. "We have got to quit looking at it has a harmless drug."

Hutcherson was arrested and charged with drug, child neglect and traffic charges.

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