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Gaming commission votes not to designate Big E as MGM impacted live entertainment venue


Another week was given to make a decision on what would have been a collaborative relationship for the Big E and the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission voted 3-2 against the Eastern States Exposition's proposal to be considered an impacted live entertainment venue (ILEV) as long as MGM adheres to a 17-day black out for live events during the Big E's fair in September.

Factors that were considered included the distance to the casino and the type of performances offered.

The two parties worked to enter a collaborative relationship where MGM would promote Big E events and sell tickets for the Big E's fair. MGM will not enter into an agreement with Big E performers and they will not book a ticketed performance during a certain period of time during the Big E fair at the mass mutual center.

MGM has said they would not provide transportation during the Big E fair and has said they will not extend promotional time from 45 days before the event to 30 days after.

On Jan. 28, president and CEO of the Eastern States Exposition, Eugene Cassidy, wrote to the commission, "The ability of the Easter States Exposition to continue to offer such programming and economic benefit will, without a doubt, be significantly threatened unless the commission designates it an impacted live entertainment venue entitling it to the protections afforded under the gaming statute."

In addition to voting on the Big E's proposal, the commission also set a date for a public hearing that will be held March 3 at 4 p.m. at the West Springfield Middle School.

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