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Moviefone will soon ‘hang up’ its service

(WECT) - "Hello, and welcome to Moviefone!" It was a phrase that became synonymous with the movie-going experience during the mid-to-late ‘90s.

In an era that predated mobile applications which used GPS to display local theaters and showtimes, and before purchasing tickets online was even a possibility, calling 777-FILM was the most common way for movie-goers to find out when a movie was showing(aside from checking the entertainment section in your local newspaper, that is.)

The automated call-in service will cease operations starting sometime in March after 25 years of service.

Moviefone is not oblivious to the fact that calling a hotline for showtimes is sort of an antiquated notion. The company is hopeful that users will migrate to the company's own website and mobile application, available for both Android and iPhone.

At its peak, Moviefone received more than 3 million callers a week and served over 13,000 theaters. It was sold to America Online for $388 million in 1999, in what was one of many media related ventures which AOL bought during its dominant reign as America's leading internet service provider.

No theaters in North Carolina support the Moviefone service. However, if you're truly feeling nostalgic, you can always dial (toll-free) an area that still supports Moviefone just to hear that iconic voice one last time.

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