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Jenna Elfman special interview on Alabama Live


Every family is unique in some way but for one anything but typical family, divorce is what brings them together. NBC's show Growing up Fisher is based on a true story follows characters Mel, the dad who is just trying to help his kids while being blind and Joyce, a mom who cannot seem to escape her teenage years. Today on Alabama Live we have a special interview with Actress Jenna Elfman who plays character Joyce.

Have you ever wanted to participate in a color run? Do you want to know how the "color" actually works? Coming up we have an interview with the organizers of the Color Me Crazy run in Montgomery. Also we will have a LIVE demonstration outside the studio on how the colors come alive.

Meteorologist Josh Johnson told you this morning about the rain potential for this week and the incoming cold weather. Next on Alabama Live he will give you the updated forecast so you can prepare.

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