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Officials: NC on track for record year in flu deaths


It could be a record year for flu-related deaths in North Carolina, according to the state's Department of Health and Human services.

So far, there have been 64 flu-related deaths in North Carolina with seven of those last week alone.

The demographic hit the hardest with deaths? Adults 25-50 years old.

It's why Dr. Charles Bregier, head of Novant Health Urgent Care in Matthews, says it's still vital to get the flu vaccine.

"Flu season will last at least another month, if not two," he pointed out. "And if you haven't had your flu shot, go get it."

While last week's snowstorm kept the flu from raging through schools and the workplace, it didn't stop the nasty virus from running through homes.

"It's on door handles, refrigerator knobs and silverware drawer knobs, people have to be very aware to limit the spread," said Dr. Bregier.

An awareness that needs to be stronger than ever because he says this year's flu cases are more severe.

"A whole lot more people we're seeing with pneumonia from the flu this year," he said. "And that's ultimately what is the big killer with the flu. People get pneumonia and develop respiratory failure and overwhelming infection."

While seven deaths last week sounds alarming, the number is actually down from the two previous weeks where 11 people succumbed to the flu for each of those seven day periods.

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