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Woody White calls for full review of NHC's storm response efforts

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Officials with New Hanover County held a news conference Friday afternoon to review the winter storm response efforts. Officials with New Hanover County held a news conference Friday afternoon to review the winter storm response efforts.

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) – New Hanover County Commission Chairman, Woody White is calling for a full review of the county's response to the latest winter storm.

County officials representing emergency management, fire services and law enforcement were available to discuss their methods at a press conference on Friday afternoon.

White says that overall, he was impressed with how the different public agencies worked together to meet the needs of the people of New Hanover County. He did say that there is likely a few areas where they can improve.

The damage we received in New Hanover County was so bad that Duke Progress Energy brought in crews from Ohio, Indiana, and Florida to help.

A representative from Duke Progress Energy says approximately 11%, or 12,000 people in New Hanover County are still without power at this time.

Officials expect that everyone's power will be restored by Saturday night.

Currently debris removal crews are working to clean up fallen tree limbs. White says the focus now is on the people who are still without power.

Next month, county commissioners will review the county's storm coverage plan and make any necessary adjustments. We asked White why not meet sooner than March?

"We just felt like March was a good time and gave us a few weeks to reflect on where we got everything right," said White. "Certainly if it's the consensus of the board, we can meet whenever. But while there are still people without power and while our personnel are focused on those things, we think it's important to maintain focus on that today."

We've also learned that leaders in New Hanover County plan to look into problems that popped up at storm shelters.

Noble Middle School and Dorothy B. Johnson Elementary school both experience different problems with their generator equipment, forcing county officials to close those two shelters.

Emergency Operations Director, Warren Lee says workers check those generators every week. However, at one location, an alternator failed. At the other location, there was an electrical problem. Luckily, not many people showed up at the shelters. However, we asked what if more people had needed shelter.

"We never know how many people will come. We don't care," said Lee. "We put it out there we want you to come if you have needs if we run out of shelter space in one we add additional spaces so we're always looking for ways to improve."

County Commissioners will meet in March to review the county's storm management plan.

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