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Former police officer accused in Mt. Juliet store burglary

Edward Holliday Edward Holliday

A former police officer who has worn the uniform of several departments across Middle Tennessee has already been accused of one crime and is now being investigated in two others.

Edward Holliday had worked for the Mt. Juliet, Lebanon and Metro police departments over the years.

Now, Mt. Juliet police believe the former officer was involved in a break-in at a hardware store just a couple miles down from police headquarters.

Ace Hardware store manager Rhonda Sloan said she had hired Holliday part-time because of his police background.

"I thought he would be an awesome aspect to the security of the store. Clean cut, just a good, good guy," Sloan said.

But her thoughts changed after a second break-in, and police suspected they had a repeat offender.

Officers were waiting Thursday when the alarm sounded at the store at about 3:15 a.m.

"They were quickly in the area, quickly got on the scene and found the suspect leaving the scene," said Mt. Juliet police spokesman Sgt. Tyler Chandler.

Nearly caught in the act, police say Holliday was next door in the parking lot of Courtney's Restaurant trying to get away.

"The suspect still had his tools that he used to break in," Chandler said.

Also in his hand, they say, was a brown paper bag he put on his head to hide his face.

"We don't know for sure if the suspect we caught on the third time is connected to the first and second burglary at the business. However, we are definitely looking into it to see if there is a possible connection," Chandler said.

Sloan believes Holliday is responsible for all three. She says each time the same glass frame was broken in the same door.

"Same routine every time," Sloan said.

Holliday was released from the Wilson County Jail on $4,000 bond. He is set to appear in court in April.

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