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New Hanover Residents join Moral March in Raleigh

(Source: Deborah Maxwell, area NAACP President) (Source: Deborah Maxwell, area NAACP President)

RALEIGH, NC (WECT) – Residents from New Hanover County joined the Moral March on Saturday.       

Marchers gathered to protest recent legislation from GOP-led General Assembly and Gov. Pat McCrory.

Demonstrators filled up at least three blocks when they reached the march's end at the old Capitol.

According to a release from the NAACP, 80,000 people marched on the State Capitol.

"We are here to stay," president of the NAACP, Dr. William Barber said, "We have not, and will not, give up on getting to higher ground, on building a better North Carolina, a better South, and a better America. We are going to move this state forward together, and we refuse to take one step back."

Speakers from all over the state of North Carolina addressed issues of voting rights, labor rights, public education, women's and immigrants' rights, health care access and inequities and racial discrimination in the state's criminal justice system.

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