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Making A Difference: Diane Bustin

HOT COFFEE, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Today we go to the thriving metropolis of Hot Coffee, Mississippi, and meet an artist who has discovered her artwork is a way to keep herself going, and a way to give back at the same time.

"I was always out in my yard working with flowers," said Diane Bustin. "When I got really sick I couldn't get out there anymore. And then I learned that I could throw some paint on a canvas and it was just as colorful as my flowers were."

Most days, you will find Diane Bustin, at her easel in her Hot Coffee home painting. It is a good replacement for being in the yard for her. And she also uses her artwork to raise money for MS research; research she says has advanced light-years since she was diagnosed.

"I was diagnosed with MS when I was 18 years old. And at that time there was so very little known about ms," said Bustin. "Once I was diagnosed, then it was just like, now go home you have ms. Go home and live your life."

Later came daily injections to help actually control some of the symptoms. And now the shots have been replaced with daily pills. And with that encouragement comes the anticipation of the big thing.

"We've been told the cure is just on the horizon," said Bustin.

And to help speed up the cure, Diane is doing her part. It started by her auctioning off one of her paintings years ago at the Hattiesburg MS walk. Now that has led to regular auctionings of her art and even her husband is building a birdhouse every year which Diane paints and is auctioned off, also.

And her team, mostly family members, are taking part in the walks and other fundraisers.

"Every year my little team gets together and every spring that's what kind of keeps me going is we get the team together and we raise money," said Bustin.

And every spring, more of Diane Bustin's art goes out and money comes in. And that money goes to MS research. And every bit of it is Making A Difference.

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