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Boddie had access to National Guard social security numbers

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

We have uncovered more information about Rev. Leonard Boddie, the Brandon pastor arrested and charged with Identity Theft. This time it deals with the Mississippi National Guard.

Boddie was arrested for Identity Theft last week after stealing a woman's tax information, according to Jackson Police. Now, new information is surfacing about Boddie having access to social security numbers at the Mississippi National Guard Headquarters in Jackson.

Members of the Guard are panicking after seeing our story WEdnesday night on Boddie. If you pull up the Mississippi National Guard's education page, Boddie is listed as a Guidance Counselor under the Incentive and Employment office in Jackson.

The website shows Boddie is over education services like the GI Bill, tuition assistance, student loan repayment and scholarships just to name a few.

Our sources say Boddie had access to all social security numbers and other personal information.

The Mississippi National Guard has confirmed Reverend Leonard Boddie is a former employee and told us he turned his resignation letter in effective January 31st.

The guard would not confirm any other information because there is an ongoing investigation.

Boddie is the man Jackson Police say was arrested and charged with Identity Theft. Detectives revealed Boddie, who was a tax preparer, stole a woman's tax information and bought two BMW's and then paid notes on those cars with the woman's bank account information.

We also revealed Boddie's past criminal history in Ohio were he was sentenced to jail for grand theft by deception.

We went to Boddie's Rankin County home that he just moved into last week; the very same day he was arrested. Boddie's son was furious our cameras were rolling.

"Okay, well what are you doing here? You can record me, you can do whatever the __ you want to do. Can you put that online?" said Boddie's son.

After his son lashed out, the repo man showed up and was looking to repo a car Boddie allegedly has.

The Mississippi National Guard says it does not believe any social security numbers have been compromised.

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