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Copiah County Break-ins

COPIAH COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Residents in Copiah county say thieves are targeting residents in rural areas. In recent weeks, several house burglaries have occurred, in broad daylight.

When Barbara Jones came home earlier this week and noticed her screen door opened she knew something was wrong.

"My bedroom was ransacked, they took my television, all my stuff," said Jones. "I'm still going through it right now. They took my personal checks. "

Jones is one of several Copiah county homeowners who have been hit by burglars in recent weeks.

The thieves left a giant muddy shoe print on her front door that they kicked in.

The victims were mostly rural residents, where their nearest neighbor could be a half a mile away.

"I'm a good victim. I'm normally gone 12-14 hours a day," added Jones." I work in Jackson I work for MDOT. I left work so I can be home with my house, it's still unsecured."

"We are aware of the problem," said Copiah County Sheriff Harold Jones. "We are putting resources to work to catch those responsible. We also have a vehicle of interest we're investigating".

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