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Investigators: Toddler found gun in bedroom drawer before shooting sister


Investigators in Cleveland County say they are getting a more clear picture about how a toddler gained access to a gun before accidentally shooting his 17-month old sister.

According to investigators, the gun was being kept in a dresser drawer in the bedroom of the toddler's parents.

According to the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office, the shooting happened at a home along the 100-block of Jenny Street on Thursday morning around 11 a.m.

The house is currently undergoing renovations and investigators believe the toddler used a step-stool to gain access to the drawer.

The injured child was taken to Carolinas Medical Center-Main in Charlotte for treatment.  She is expected to be okay.

"This was a very, very close call. If the bullet would have gone an inch a different way, this would have been a totally different outcome," said Cleveland County Sheriff's Captain Joel Shores.

Justin Carper, the little girl's father, told WBTV late Thursday night that his daughter was doing fine. He added that he and his family felt very fortunate.

The incident is under investigation and deputies say the information will be submitted to the District Attorney when the case is closed.

Investigators say while no decision has been made on charges, they don't believe charges will be filed against the parents because they do not pose a threat to society.

As for parents, law officials say this case should be a major eye opener for those with guns in the home.

"I think this case shows the importance of people who have weapons in their home to secure them. Put locks on them," said Capt. Shores.

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