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My Turn: Handling nasty cold weather - a geographic argument

Winter storm of 2014. (Source: Skip Pudney) Winter storm of 2014. (Source: Skip Pudney)

Maybe it was the extreme cold that frosted people last week. But once again, I saw a rekindling of a disturbing trend among responses about a topic as simple as how we dealt with the nasty weather.

The debate, like many, turned into a geographic argument. You can imagine what people said. People from the north criticized how the southerners handled it. People from the south recommend those people return to where they came from.

I feel I'm eminently qualified to make this observation because I'm originally from the state that nobody wants to claim - West Virginia. We're too far north to be a part of the south and too far south to be claimed by the north and the Midwesterners turn their nose up at us as well.

In the past six years, I've met several people who have come mostly from the north to settle in the Wilmington area because this is such a great place to live. Southerners should accept that and be welcoming. Try to appreciate the diversity and be thankful for the good they bring to the area and the economy.

And for you northerners…try to be a little less critical of how things are done around here. You can't expect the culture of an area to change just because you show up and complain. That's a bit arrogant, and arrogance is not part of the southern charm.

That's my turn. Now it's your turn. To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at


Emailed comments from viewers:

I have to say that you comments tonight were spot on regarding attitudes for locals and migrants from the North. We moved from Chicago to the Wilmington area last year and I have been one of those snooty Yankees. To your point on the economic impact I can relay the comments from the builder of our new home: "We are not crazy about you coming down, but we sure like your money". Well over the last year I have learned a good lesson. People who have grown up in this area appreciate and enjoy the quality of life that we really were too busy running around to appreciate up North. Southerners tend to be genuine, honest and friendly. I like the wave I get each day from people in cars passing as I walk. And I really appreciate the yes sir and no sir that I hear from locals of all ages. I promise to do a better job of blend in and absorb the best qualities of a merged geography. Thank you for your fine work


Did you hit the nail right on the head. As a person who has roots in both the north and south going back to the 1600s, I feel that I am qualified to comment on both sides of this issue.  Yes, the revenue dollars that northerners bring are a great boost to the local tax base helping with things education, jobs, and and critical infrastructure.  And even though most of us talk a little funny, we are generally well meaning folks.

On the other hand I also agree that there is sense of arrogance and pushiness that doesn't fit at all with the southern culture. I suspect that some of this stressful behavior is due to the issue that all of the underwear delivered up north are two sizes too small.  Our northerners don't have to move back, they just need to buy some comfy southern briefs, take a full deep breath for once and enjoy what this wonderful area and people have to offer.

As for me, I will not be moving back.  Because I have roots in both the north and south, I am not moving back to England.


My dad was originally from West Virginia as well !  I actually enjoyed having a few days of not having to go out and used the time wisely to recreate a recipe from our childhood.

Since this is our second time living here we came back here when my husband retired we love it here. Also since is our 9th place we have lived we have learned to appreciate the great things that each area brings to the table !

You hit the nail on the head this time !


Seriously you are making the lack of being prepared for a crippling ice storm a geographic debate?

Southern hospitality ? Been here four years and have not experienced it .

Maybe it's time to stop defining people as Northerners and Southerners.

I have taken a good look at how things are done here, or not done and This Person is going back to where people talk to you and accept you no matter what part of the country you are from!


As a former northerner, I thought that the "My Turn" segment was well said. I think that if someone wants to move south then they should embrace the culture and how things are done, otherwise they should just stay up north. Thank you so much!


Honestly, I think you were out of line with the N vs the S scenario. We are all people trying to live together and get along. Some times complaints are just people crying out for help and not to be taken personal. This effect many and if complaining helps get things done and streamlines one for the better. Let's do it and do it together as partners not as advisories. I think it is positive and not to be taken negatively and of all personally.




I loved your segment about how we deal with winter storms. And you are right! I say, they make fun of us, how about the North and hurricanes?


Loved your segment! Agreed with evertything you said! I lived in Utah for 18 years yet i understood the panic in which we were on those snowy days here in Ilm! I didn't dare go out! I don't understand why people are so mean to southerners!   We deal with everything differently and we are not used to that type of whether! They need to live here for a while before criticizing!!!


Watching the news and caught this "My Turn" segment for the first time ever. Fabulous! Besides being spot on in content, it was very reminiscent of Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes Loved the humor.

Thank you! I hope I catch more of these.


I loved your commentary tonight on wect! I grew up in Minnesota then Southern California, Colorado and Raleigh before moving to leland and agree their is cold but ice here is a different animal here in south and glad safety is more important than attitude.




I felt the area handled the situation well.   Here in Winnabow, the ice would have impacted life even in our native West Virginia.   I don't see the sense in maintaining a large fleet of snowplows only to be used every 15 years.
Good Job.


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